Some of Eurotech Internationals Projects

Bayside City Council

Eurotech International has recently been awarded a contract from Bayside City Council to supply a variety of newly designed street furniture to enhance the elegance and appearance of the parklands, recreational areas and shopping precinct.
We are proud to have this opportunity to supply the City of Bayside. We utilised environmentally friendly sustainable materials and performed outstanding craftsmanship that far exceeded the City of Bayside council’s expectations.

Sealy Australia

After completing a conveyor system for Sealy VIC, Eurotech International was recommended to Sealy Australia to supply another conveyor system for the new Sealy manufacturing plant in WA.

We designed and manufactured the 60m long by 1.8m wide conveyor system with sensors and smart electronics to assist with OHS requirements and enhance the mattress production capacities from 200 mattresses per day to over 600 mattresses per day.

The system was designed and manufactured in a flatpack form at our manufacturing plant in Melbourne. This was then delivered to WA with our team of engineers that carried out the assembly, installation, testing, training and commissioning in WA.
Sealy Australia was pleased to have this system delivered to them on time before their grand opening with over 300 guests attending. Sealy Australia wanted to showcase their new manufacturing facility along with the new conveyor system in operation.

Sealy has advised us that they will incorporate this new conveyor system in all their manufacturing sites in Australia and globally around the world.

DB Acoustics

Exo performance, our industrial exhaust business brand has recently assisted dB acoustics with controlling noise attenuation for a project that consisted of 6 Caterpillar model C32 generator sets producing 1250 kVA power each. The exhaust size measuring 203mm diameter inlet, 4 metres long and 915mm diameter body. The exhaust noise level was reduced from 117 dBa down to 70 dBa at a 1 metre distance.
Exo performance looks forward to assisting OEM engine manufacturers and other customers with their emissions and noise control projects in the future.

B.K.B Building Solutions

Eurotech international designed and manufactured sheet metal acoustic enclosures for fire pump sets to reduce their noise levels by 25 dBa. The enclosures had sufficient air flow with fans and oversize doors to allows ease of maintenance.
These enclosures were made from galvanised steel, powder coated for weather protection, fitted with acoustic and fire rated materials and later installed with diesel engines, pumps, and electrical control gear.

SIMS Metal Management

Eurotech International designed and manufactured quantity 17 special purpose 14.5CBM hook lift bins to suit specific applications for Sims Metal Management.
Our next generation of bins will incorporate SMART technology to collect various data and GPS locations to assist better management of bin capacities and improve collection times. This will reduce costs and maximise efficiencies.

Pump Power Australia

Eurotech International supplied metal base frames that were laser cut, formed to shape, welded, fabricated, stress relieved, machined, and finished in an epoxy paint.
These weighed 2 tonnes each and measured 3900mm long by 1400mm wide. The electric motors and pumps were fitted onto the metal base frames and laser aligned.

Department of Defence

Eurotech International has over 30 years of experience providing solutions to the Department of Defence. We have manufactured fabricated assemblies for the Bushmaster and many other projects over the years. We have assisted the Army with demanding deadlines for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Eurotech International is continually working with the Department of Defence on current projects.