Exo Industrial Spark Arrestors capture heavy carbon particles from the exiting exhaust. By utilizing the
Exo Industrial centrifugal movement technology, exhaust gases are directed into a centrifugal pathway allowing for smooth capture of heavy carbon particles entering the carbon collection chamber.
Exo Industrial Spark Arrestors provide approximately 2 to 5 db(A) reduction.


  • Prevents sparks and flammable carbon particles from exiting
  • Heavy duty mild steel precision welded
  • Suitable for stationery and mobile applications
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Fuel saving
  • Minimise back pressure
  • Exhaust Gas Speed 15 to 55 m/s
  • Finished with high temperature resistant paint
  • Easy maintenance
  • Maximum operating temperature 600˚C


  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L
  • Flanges as specified
  • Lifting lugs, mounting brackets
  • Explosion proof
  • AS 1019-2000 certified and approved models available
  • Silencer combination available
  • With catalytic converter
  • With diesel particulate filter
  • Thermal insulation blanket
  • Special surface coatings (ceramic or as specified)